About Dromo Rinpoche

1st Dromo Geshe Rinpoche

His Eminence the 1st Dromo Geshe Rinpoche born in Emagang, in Tsang region of Tibet. He was born to Tsetan Dorjee (father) and Duchung Lhakpa Bhuti (mother) in the year 1868. At the age of 8, he was admitted to the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. He was ordained in the presence of His Holiness Panchen Rinpoche and was offered the name Ngawang Kelsang. As a true dharma practitioner, he meditated and practised fully what he had learnt. He studied at Tashi Lhunpo for some twenty years, where he completed the "Kachen" degree, Tashi Lhunpo's equivalent of the Geshe degree in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.

2nd Dromo Geshe Rinpoche

The reincarnation of Dromo Geshe Rinpoche was born on 22nd January 1937(fire ox year) in Sikkim. He was born to Rabten Phuntsok(father) of the Whenchen family and Yangkyi Dolma(mother). In 1942, the Dhung Kar Gonpa (White Conch Monastery) in Drom in southern Tibet officially recognized and enthroned him as the reincarnation of Dromo Geshe Rinpoche. In 1943, while he began his studies at Sera Jey College in Lhasa which is one of the three great seats for the learning of the Gelug Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the administration of the Sera Jey monastery formally extended traditional ceremonial welcome followed by Sera Jey Drati and Tsangpa Khangtsens.


3rd Dromo Geshe Rinpoche

Nearly three years had passed since the departure of the previous Dromo Geshe Rinpoche, when the students and followers lay and ordained repeatedly approached Khangtsen with requests to assume responsibility in finding the reincarnation. Sera Jey Drati Khangtsen is at Sera Jey Monastery in the south of India where Rinpoche stays while pursuing his studies. The search for the reincarnation was felt necessary by the monks of Rinpoche's Khangtsen for the long term benefit and for the preservation of the Buddha Dharma, especially the Gelugpa Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

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